Blockchain and Bitcoin

The blockchain algorithm is a technology that enables users to exchange data solving the issue of “who is right?”

This algorithm is the evolution of torrent peer to peer transfer: the evolution is “what” is carried inside the p2p network.

The payload of the p2p network is the “blockchain”. This train of packets is pseudo-randomly generated by a the peer which need to transfer the information.

The generated package is pushed into the p2p network and it is propagated across the network to the destination.

There are many dialects of blockchain technology: the main difference is “what” is carried inside each single package.

The bitcoin for example uses the blockchain p2p network to echange currency information.

Bitcoin is a certain implementation of currency transfer, the many others algorithm differs for “who” is storing the transaction list or the balance per user.

In many cases the balance can be downloaded, by reprocessing all the transaction, and in many others the balance is store in the network together with the blockchain train.

Many big vendors are investing huge amount of money on the Open Bank Project Standard OBWG and in bitcoin technolgies like the R3CEV and R3-led


XIAPROJECTS own is implementation to enable in a secure way the credit transfer. We delivered successfully many customisation to Enterprises to manage the information transfer.

The XIAPROJECTS Open Bank project is based on Ethereum technology.

In the Tourist Chat Platform, installable via, will have the credit transfer enabled using blockchain technologies.